The American Railway and Airway Supervisors Association - TCU/IAM

Welcome to ARASA Lodge 5197

Metro North Railroad's
M of W Supervisors

About Us

ARASA Supervisors

Supervisors from the Track, Structures and Building Maintenance Departments which supervise the maintenance of the Railroads infrastructure across 3 states including:

  • 775 mile of Track
  • 124 Passenger Stations
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • 1100 movable, above grade and below grade Bridges
  • All Yards and Repair Facilities

To safely move 86.5 million customers  in and out of                       New York City yearly.

Our Executive Board

  • General Chairman - Greg McConnell
  • President - Lamont Dobson
  • FST / Recording Secrty - Jeff Vuksta
  • Vice President - Jim Donlon

Board of Trustees

  • Chairman - Anthony Caruso
  • Trustee - Andy Zagajeski
  • Trustee - Eric Williams
  • Trustee - John Boddie

File links

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ARASA 5197 / Metro North - CBA (pdf)


MTA Pension Calculator (xls)


Grievance status (xlsx)


ARASA Structures Roster (xls)


ARASA Track Roster (xls)


ARSA Grievance Form (pdf)


ARSA MofW MOU (2017) (pdf)


News and Events

Upcoming Monthly Meeting

When - Thursday December 14th

Where - Sir John's Rest, NWP

Previous Meeting notes

  • Financials reviewed and accepted
  • Discussions on current Grievances and Appeals.
  • Discussion on new MoU

From the Bargaining front

  • New M o U ratified - contents added in file links


None to announce


  • William McConnell to Supervisor GCT
  • Nick Watert to Assistant Supervisor Springdale Structures

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